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Biblia chora Biblinos rood

€ 19,95

Biblinos Oenos is produced from a local red varietal which was found in the Mt Pangeon region and is now being cultivated at the Biblia Chora Estate. After years of researching the ampelography of the Greek vineyard, we were unable to find anything comparable to the Greek varietals.

At the same time, we sought to identify the varietal through its genetic traits and DNA testing. The results indicated it was a Greek varietal with genetic traits similar to modern  Greek varietals, but it is also quite different, making it more of a distant relative. In other words, DNA testing showed that it is an older Greek varietal that has not been cultivated in more recent times.

Traditional red vinification methods were used to produce the wine, which is then aged in oak barrels for 12 months. It has a deep red colour. The dense aroma of red fruit and flowers combines with notes of vanilla and chocolate, derived from ageing in the barrel. It is has an expansive, rich mouth-feel with refined tannins and intense fruitiness,
giving it a long finish. It is aged for at least 10 years and served at 16-18°C.

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