Homericon Likeur Mastiha 700ml, 28%

€ 18,45

Century after century, the mastiha trees of southern Chios slowly have been shedding their fragrant tears on the island’s soil
just as they’ve been doing since Homeric times. The precious drops of mastiha resin, which flow only from the trunks and branches of the mastiha trees on Chios,
have been famous for centuries for their rare, aromatic bouquet which is as powerful as it is refreshing.

Stoupakis Chios Distillery gathers all of the historical goodness of Chios mastic in one superb and rare
distillate: “HOMERIC” Mastiha Liqueur. Tenderly embraced by tradition, “HOMERIC” Mastiha Liqueur retains all of the mastic’s unique
traits unaltered. For rare, unforgettable moments of traditional pleasure try your “HOMERIC” Mastiha Liqueur on ice or in an imaginative cocktail.

De Masticha van het eiland Chios, is een pareltje. Al eeuwenlang beleven de eilandbewoners veel plezier aan deze harsachtige specialiteit afkomstig van de Masticha boom. De unieke smaak en de uitzonderlijke aroma's hebben ervoor gezorgd dat Masticha ook ver buiten Chios populariteit gewonnen verworven.
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