Kir-Yannis Ramnista Xinomavro

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The vineyards used for Ramnista have an overall southeast exposure at an altitude of 280-330 m. 
The estate is divided into a mosaic of 30 vineyard blocks of different mesoclimates with
varying exposure, orientation, slope, soil type, rootstock, vine density and age, demanding tailor-made
viticultural practices for each vineyard block. Rainfall is abundant during the winter months, but summers
are so dry that regulated drip irrigation is applied to prevent water stress.
Vine density ranges from 3,500 to 4,000 per hectare and the average crop yield is maintained below 2.5 kg per vine.
About 5% of the estate is planted with various rare indigenous and international varieties for experimental purposes.
For “Ramnista” we use grapes mostly from the vineyard blocks in the lower pH range and with lighter
soil types to maximize the aromatic intensity and complexity.
Moreover most of these blocks are closest to the nearby forest, where the more humid mesoclimate leads to
a more tempered ripening pace.
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