Samos GRAND CRU 500ml

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Grand Cru is the Samos wine of worldwide acclaim. It has its origins in select terroirs and constitutes the epitome of a Vin Doux Naturel. Its color is reminiscent of imperial topaz and has a nose that successfully accomplishes the task of rendering the individual character of muscat. The palate is equally successful, fresh and carefully balanced in sweetness when compared to its acidity: All in all, a pleasant and quaffable wine. It is crafted from well matured grapes grown in semi-mountainous vineyards and is the perfect expression of the individual and characteristic Muscat variety as well as of the wine growing region of Samos. A Grand Cru is at its best when it accompanies light desserts topped with sweet fruit, yet it is open to a playful experimentation with savoury dishes such as those that sport fresh cream, yellow cheeses and béchamel sauces: It may even accept the challenge of roast chicken and prove a revelation!
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